Tips When Repairing a Cracked Concrete Patio

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Concrete is a great material to choose from when you are constructing an outdoor patio because it is designed to be durable and resilient. However, with ranging temperatures it is almost impossible to avoid concrete warping and for small cracks to become noticeable. No matter what the cause of the crack on your concrete patio might be, it is possible to have it repaired. Before you begin repairing the concrete crack, it is important for you to be aware of the most helpful tips that are designed to simplify the process.


Before you can begin repairing the crack, you first need to make it slightly larger and shape it. This means that you will need to use a chisel to remove the concrete from the area where the crack is present. Just be sure that you are only removing concrete in the area that is already damaged.

When you are chiselling away at the crack, you want to be sure that you make the bottom of the crack larger than the crack that is present at the top. This is important because it makes the process of patching easier and allows for better sealing results.


After you have chiselled away at the crack in the concrete, you will need to remove all debris that has been created. You can choose to sweep it away or use a small shop vacuum to make sure that all the small concrete particles get suctioned up. The surface of the crack needs to be free of all debris before you can apply the patching compound.

Bonding Agent

You will then need to apply a latex bonding agent to the entire edge of the crack. Make sure that you are using only a small amount of the bonding agent and spread it around the edge of the crack thoroughly. You should let this sit for a few minutes before add the patching compound. When you begin adding the patching compound to the hole, you can use a trowel. Make sure that you begin by placing the patching compound at the very bottom of the crack. You should allow each layer to dry before you apply a new layer and reach the very top of the crack.

After you have the entire crack filled, you can apply a final layer of patching compound over the crack and smooth it out using the trowel.  Make sure that you place a plastic tarp over the patching compound until it dries completely. If you need help, contact a concrete company like Armstrong Creek Concreting & Outdoor Constructions.


16 March 2016

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