Construction White Card: Eligibility, Application and Replacement

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Site induction is a critical process because it ensures that workers are well-informed about Workplace Health and Safety in the construction site. The important elements that are considered during induction include worksite hazards and safety measures, organisation of the site, operations, OH&S regulations and the responsibilities of individuals. You should consider getting this type of training if you have to access an active construction site, even if you are not a direct worker. When you complete the course, you will be presented with a general induction training card, which is also commonly known as the white card. This plastic card will allow you to access the worksite without being accompanied by a supervisor or another inducted person

When to Apply and Eligibility

The general induction card is mandatory if you want to perform any type of task within an operational construction site. As mentioned, the majority of people who require this card are building and development professionals. However, if you often visit construction sites in your capacity as a building materials supplier, driver, environmental consultant or other similar roles, the white card will provide freedom to move around the worksite. You must receive official induction training from a Registered Training Organisation to receive a white card. The primary eligibility criterion for the induction course is a hundred points of ID. You must also pay a training fee; this will be set by the training school.

Application and Card Recognition

The Registered training Organisation will provide you with the official application forms for the white card after you complete the training. The trainer must offer evidence along with the application that you have completed the course with satisfactory results. When waiting for your induction card after submission of the forms, your RTO can issue you with a statement that testifies that you have qualified for the permit. The general induction cards are accepted in other territories, but they must be still valid in the region in which they were issued. However, you should inquire about the specifics from the local Workplace Health and Safety office when moving to a new state.

Replacing the Card

The general induction card can be replaced easily as long as your details are still the same. For instance, you can request for a new white card online by filling the same details and pay the fee through a credit card. However, if something has changed you must fill a comprehensive form provided via WorkCover. Finally, you should note that the card becomes invalid after two continuous years of non-use.


23 March 2016

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