Driving Education: Selecting an Ideal Instructor


Professional education is invaluable when learning to drive an automobile. A driving trainer has extensive experience and skill and will offer more thorough guidance on handling tough situations on the road. Therefore, you should consider engaging this type of expert instructor as opposed to a casual driver for your training. There are numerous driving schools and private teachers in the market, so selecting the right one can be challenging. Here are some considerations to help you select the right driving educator.

Type of License

A trainer who receives monetary rewards for providing driving education must hold an instructor license. Therefore, you should confirm that any instructor under consideration has the relevant legal document. In addition, you should check the type of license because it will determine the type of services that they can provide. A basic instructor will have a license without flash, only legal identity. These can only provide driving instruction and sign the log book. A CBT&A instructor has a license with a yellow flash, and they can sign off on Competency Based Assessment and issue you with a certificate of competency. Finally, a VORT instructor can perform a vehicle on road test in addition to providing the instruction.

Driving Costs

You should never choose your driving trainer based on cost, but you should not ignore the factor either. It is prudent to study the expense structure and ensure that you will get full value for the fee. First of all, inquire about the charge per lesson and make certain that this covers for the tuition and excludes pick-up and drop-off time. Secondly, ensure that you can handle the time set aside for each lesson. If the lesson is two hours long, you might be too tired and demoralised to benefit from the paid time. Thirdly, you should request for a first free or discounted lesson to check the fit if you like a specific instructor. Finally, ask about the instructor's or school's policy on block booking savings and refund for cancelled lessons before signing up.


You should choose a school that provides additional learning material to their students. Basically, there are educational aids that contain information that is not directly included in driving lessons but can be valuable in real-life driving. These include DVDs and books that provide data on legal consequences of traffic rule violations like demerit points, handling driving emergencies in order to prevent accidents and even workbooks for personal training. Inquire about any extra expenses and compare with the cost of buying the materials.


23 March 2016

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