5 Considerations When Teaching Your Child to Drive


So, your child has reached the age where they're ready to learn to drive. Giving driving lessons yourself can save you a lot of money and could even be a great bonding experience, akin to teaching them to ride a bike. Or, it may be very stressful. Patience is going to be your biggest asset here. If you've got the patience sewn up, you now need to make sure you're prepared for the practicalities of teaching your child to drive.

24 March 2016

Driving Education: Selecting an Ideal Instructor


Professional education is invaluable when learning to drive an automobile. A driving trainer has extensive experience and skill and will offer more thorough guidance on handling tough situations on the road. Therefore, you should consider engaging this type of expert instructor as opposed to a casual driver for your training. There are numerous driving schools and private teachers in the market, so selecting the right one can be challenging. Here are some considerations to help you select the right driving educator.

23 March 2016

Using technology to enhance learning and care for children


The world is getting increasingly focused on technology and interconnectivity. This is a change that has become very vivid in this generation, so it can be hard for parents and caregivers to know how and when to introduce technology to the children in their care. Here are some tips to make sure that the technology that you introduce enhances learning for your children.  Keep it interactive Rather than parking your child in front of the 'electronic babysitter', sit with them and check what content they are absorbing.

23 February 2016

Commonly Asked Questions About Truck Driving Careers


Road transport is big business in the contemporary world. It is for this reason that the trucking industry attracts a considerably large number of people who wish to reap great financial rewards by joining the industry as truck drivers. Before settling for a career as a truck driver, it is important for interested parties to gather as much knowledge as possible about their chosen career. This article provides answers to a few commonly asked questions about working as a truck driver.

29 October 2015